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Byzantinos is a citizen association connecting people with a positive attitude to the Greek-Catholic Church, especially in the Košice region in Slovakia, and with an interest in producing media content.

Byzantinos wants to spread Christian values and the Gospel message, support Byzantine art, create educational means for children, youth, and adults, increase awareness about regional, cultural, spiritual, sport events and events for youth, as well as to educate in reverence to its own tradition.

The name Byzantinos comes from Greek and means Byzantine, which points to the Eastern ecclesial tradition and Eastern Church, whose spiritual life and beauty it wants to present.


Pri práci na projektoch, Byzantinos closely cooperate with the Council for Mass Media of the Košice Eparchy. By their content, projects are categorized as:

1. Historical – to clarify the history of the Eastern Catholic Church
2. Liturgical – to present the beauty of the liturgy
3. Pastoral – to spread the Gospel message in the homilies of the eparchial bishop of Košice and to support catechetical and pastoral activities
4. Musical – to present chant of the Greek-Catholic Church in the Košice region

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